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About Karen


Photo credit: Amazing photographer & beautiful friend, Isabel Posades

I'm lucky enough to live in sunny Abu Dhabi with my husband and three little boys (aged 1, 6 and 8).  We moved out here from London 8 years ago, and to be honest, we haven't looked back!


I've had a fascination with the Middle East for many years.  I knew that I wanted to spend time in the region when I visited Kuwait 20 years ago.  I remember waking up in the wee small hours to hear the Call to Prayer echoing through the roof tops.  I was mesmerized and knew that I would return.


Although I'm English at heart, I spent most of my childhood and some of my adult working life in Hong Kong.  All in all, I'm a bit of a nomad (much to the frustration of my husband!).

Art and music run through my family's veins and I followed the trend by studying music at a university in the UK.  Soon after graduating, I developed a fascination with photography as an art form.  I bought my first DSLR in 2005, and since then, I have been studying and immersing myself in all things photography (alongside having a career in the City and bringing up my boys).


Having departed from the corporate world a several years ago, I turned my passion into a career by setting up Karen Holden Photography. For me, the stars have aligned and I couldn't imagine doing anything else. 


" Fantastic pictures - and we had so much fun taking them too!  Karen made it easy for us and importantly, for the kids, during the shoot.  The kids were playing with her as she was taking pictures of them!  We loved the natural style of shooting, great at capturing our family 'in the moment', all with amazing results.  Definitely recommended. "

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