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Karen Holden Photography - Abu Dhabi Family Photographer

Newborns,  Babies  &  Bumps

Photographing babies and newborns is very close to my heart.  This is because it is where my professional journey began - capturing images of my own little ones.  


I am very sentimental about life experiences, and I appreciate how precious and fleeting this chapter is.  You may be feeling exhausted and overwhelmed right now, but believe me, it passes. Fast forward a few weeks, months, years and you will be yearning for those early days again.


My aim is to help you bottle up 90 minutes of this journey so that in the future you can view it clearly through non-sleep deprived eyes and remember how precious it was.

My mantra for each of my families is to help them tell their own unique story in an honest and authentic way.  I want to show you that amidst all of the craziness, the lack of sleep and the hormones buzzing around, that you, your baby and your family's story are just beautiful. 



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