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Ballerina and a north-facing window - Abu Dhabi Family Photographer

One of the things that I love so much about holidays is that they give me the opportunity to focus on personal projects. Personal projects are so important to me as they give me space to experiment and push myself creatively. I can then transfer some of the things I discover into my client work.

It was a grey drizzly day and my extended family had rented an old rickety cottage in the Cotswolds (England) for the week. We were stuck inside and wondering how to entertain the kids. Solution!!! Grab the youngest one, stick her in a tutu and get her to stand in the nook of a bay window. Then get her Dad to jump around outside in the rain to attract her attention (and the attention of the passing traffic) and... job done! We have some gorgeous little images of her and we have entertained the kids for a good 20 mins. My boys certainly enjoyed the spectacle and wanted to join in too. I saved them the embarrassment of wearing a tutu.

I guess you could say that this style of photography is more aligned to "fine art" rather than "lifestyle" photography. However, I do use elements of this approach and editing style in my client work.

Til' next time ...

Karen xoxo


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