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Newborn Twin Beauty in Abu Dhabi

If you're feeling a bit emotional, tired or just plain hormonal, you may want to grab a box of tissues... This session was so beautiful that it really tugs at the heart strings.

Background to the session

I was invited to photograph newborn twin girls together with their parents and very proud big sister. I had already met the parents and eldest daughter before for their pregnancy mini-session.

Home sweet home

The session took place in the comfort of their home. In fact, all of my newborn sessions take place in the family home. This is my favourite place to photograph tiny ones as everyone is so much more relaxed. The session also has special significance as the family is in their own home with all of their belongings around them.

The flow of the session

I started the session by sitting down and having a chat so that I could catch up on how they had been. I met the tiny twin girls and reacquainted myself with the toddler. I then had a good look around the home for places to photograph - this is never a challenge as all I need is a chair/bed and a window. Then we got started.

In case you don't know my style and approach, I photograph in a very natural and organic way. I chat with all of the family members throughout: we have a laugh, compare notes on parenthood, share our frustrations, sometimes shed a tear. All that I ask of my families is that they relax and be themselves. Anything else goes.

Slideshow and images

We said our goodbyes and within 2 weeks delivered to them an online viewing gallery together with a slideshow. I love putting slideshows together as I think it is a lovely way to savour and share the images.

This lovely family has been so kind in allowing me to share their slideshow of some of their most personal images. This is a little shorter than their actual gallery but it gives you an idea of what you can expect.

I hope this gives you an insight into my newborn photography. I have limited availability for the rest of this season (May/June) and I've just opened my books for Sept 18 to June 19. Please get in touch if you'd like more info.

Karen xoxo

**Slideshow link:

**A few images from their gallery:


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