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Photo sessions with active boys - Q&As plus a slideshow of a recent session

Karen Holden Photography - Abu Dhabi Family Photographer - Boys Playing Aeroplanes

Question: Is a beautiful photo session with active boys even possible?

Answer: Parents of boys, I hear you! You want some gorgeous family photos but EEEEK!!! you have sons who cannot sit still and as soon as the camera comes out, they start pulling goofy faces. As a mother of two busy boys, I know how you feel, but please believe me when I say that a family photo session with boys is such a joy!

I must confess, that on the odd occasion, I do daydream about having a compliant little girl who will perform some wizardry in front of the camera with such grace and beauty. However, over the years I have really come to love photographing little boys and I have a tried and tested technique.

Q: What do you try to capture when photographing boys?

A: What I love about photographing boys is their zest for life, their relentless energy, their reckless freedom from inhibition and their sense of humour. However, I have also found there to be a very loving and tender side to them. I come from a family of girls, so when I became a mother, this characteristic really surprised me. In general, I have found boys to be fiercely protective of their Mums and in total adoration of their Dads. It's the stuff of dreams.

Q: What does a typical photo session with boys look like?

A: No two shoots are the same and I always like to be led by the family. However, I have observed that most boys usually like to burn off some steam for at least the first half of the session. During this period, I will provide just a few prompts and ideas, but on the whole, I will chase after them, get down to their level and just record them having fun. I adopt a more documentary-style of photography.

After 45 mins of crazy fun, even boys generally tend to slow down a little. It is during this period (which usually coincides with the sun setting) that I gently facilitate a slightly more heart-felt and "cuddly" vibe. Nothing cheesy, but gentle prompts that allow the real love and affection to surface.

Here is a slideshow of a recent session with a family of boys. It took place on the beach and more or less followed the structure described. Hang on if you can until the end as there are some truly beautiful cuddly images.

A huge thank you to the family who has allowed me to share their precious memories.

Karen xoxo

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